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Who Must Comply?

The standard applies to public, private and not-for-profit organizations in Ontario.

Small organizations, which are private and not-for-profit organizations with 1 to 49 employees, are exempt from certain requirements which are identified throughout this module.

Who must comply - owner or lease-holder?

The standard states that the organization that must comply with the requirements is the one that has authority or approval to build on or make planned significant alterations to the public space, but not necessarily an organization that may have approved the construction or otherwise have an interest in the property.

This may not necessarily be the owner of the land, but could be the lease-holder or operator. Select the heading below for some examples:


  • A municipality may decide to build a public parking garage on land that it owns and a private construction company carries out this work on its behalf. The organization responsible for compliance with the requirements for accessible parking would be the municipality.
  • An organization may lease an unused parcel of land to another organization that then decides to build and maintain a recreational trail on it. The organization responsible for compliance with the requirements for trails on the land would be the lease-holder and not the land owner.