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General Requirements Module

This module provides an introduction to the accessibility requirements, and covers requirements that cut across all the standards.

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Summary of Topics

  1. Who Has to Comply
  2. Training Requiremen
  3. Accessibility Policies
  1. Accessibility Plan
  2. Procuremen
  3. Self-Service Kiosk
  • Duration: approx. 12 mins
  • Knowledge Check: 2 Questions
  • Certificate

Available in Other Formats

In addition to the online version, this module is available in other formats.
Use the format that best suits your needs and training methods.

Watch It

Video includes narration in QuickTime .MOV format.

Read It

Download as a PDF document to read online or to print.

Hear It

Downloaded or stream audio narration in MP3 format.

Present It

Downloaded PowerPoint format for workplace presentations.

Legal Disclaimer


This training resource is not legal advice and should you require assistance in interpreting the legislation or the regulation, please contact your legal adviser. This resource has been created to assist in understanding the legislation and/or regulation and does not replace the official version of the Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation, Ontario Regulation 191/11 and the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA). If there is any conflict between this resource, the Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation and the AODA, the regulation and the AODA are the final authorities.

This resource may be used for non-commercial, not-for-profit purposes only in assisting organizations in meeting the training requirements under section 7 and section 80.49 of the Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation 191/11.