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Accessible Recruitment Process

An employment relationship with an employee typically begins through a recruitment process.

When planning your accessible recruitment process, there are three requirements to follow. Select the headings below to reveal the specifics of each requirement:

When advertising job positions

When advertising job positions, state that accommodations for job applicants with disabilities are available on request. For example, your organization may choose to do this in all job ads, a statement on your website, or another way.

This will notify your existing employees and the public that the organization will support their participation in all aspects of the recruitment process.

When inviting job applicants to participate in the selection process

When inviting job applicants to participate in the selection process, state that accessibility accommodations are available on request to support their participation.

For example, when scheduling interviews, all applicants can be asked if any accessibility accommodations are needed for the recruitment process, but not about the need for accommodation for the job itself. An example of an accommodation that may be requested is that material given to candidates during the interview be provided in large print.

When offering a job to a successful applicant

When offering a job to a successful applicant, inform them of your organization's policies on accommodating employees with disabilities. This could be verbally, in person, by email, or in an offer letter.