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Workplace Emergency Response Information

A woman and a man in a wheelchair discuss a document

Individualized emergency response information can help both employees with disabilities and organizations be better prepared for a range of emergencies such as fire, power outages or severe weather.

For example, an employee who cannot hear a fire alarm will need to know how and when to safely exit the building in the event of a fire.

Every employer must provide individualized workplace emergency response information to employees with disabilities if:

  • The disability makes it necessary, and
  • The employer is aware of the need.

With the employee's consent, you must ensure the information is shared with anyone designated to help them in an emergency.

This information must be reviewed when:

  • The employee moves to a different location in your organization.
  • The employee's overall accommodation needs or plan are reviewed.
  • You review your organization's emergency response policies.

Select the heading below to see the date for compliance:

Compliance Deadline for All Organizations

The deadline to comply is January 1, 2012.