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Documented Individual Accommodation Plans

The standard requires all employers (except small organizations) to have a written process to document individual accommodation plans for employees with disabilities. This will help organizations have a clear and consistent approach for accommodating employees with disabilities.

What is an individual accommodation plan? Select the heading below to find out:

Individual Accommodation Plan

An individual accommodation plan is a formal way of recording and reviewing the workplace-related accommodations that will be provided to an employee with a disability. Employers must work with an employee with a disability to find the appropriate accommodation to meet the individual's accommodation needs. For example, it might include the need to provide screen reader software for a computer.

Refers to a private or not-for-profit organization that provides goods, services or facilities to the public or to other organizations and has one to 49 employees in Ontario. It does not include the Government of Ontario, Legislative Assembly, or designated public sector organizations.

Elements to Include

The standard specifies a number of elements that must be included in the process for developing documented individual accommodation plans, including:

  • How the employee can participate in the process
  • How the employer can seek outside expert advice to help determine an employee's accommodation needs
  • How the privacy of personal information will be protected
  • How often the plan will be reviewed