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Specialized Transportation Service Providers

a wheel trans vehicle

People with disabilities who are unable to use existing conventional transportation services due to their disability may be eligible for specialized transportation services, if available in their community. If not available, generally the conventional transportation provider will be required to provide an alternative accessible method of transportation.

Some requirements for specialized transportation service providers include:

  • Developing an eligibility application process and implementing the eligibility criteria set out in the regulation.

  • Charging passengers no more than the fare charged on conventional transportation services.

  • Making specialized services available to eligible visitors.

  • Coordinating connections with other specialized providers in neighbouring municipalities.

  • Not restricting the number of trips that a person with a disability can request.

Compliance dates range from July 1, 2011 to January 1, 2017. For more information on the specific requirements and dates for compliance, refer to the timelines tool for details.

A quick reference chart providing the deadlines for meeting the requirements of the regulation based on organizational class and size. Can be viewed in the Additional Training Resources section of the AccessForward website.