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Other Transportation Service Providers

Select the headings below to see what some of the requirements are for other transportation service providers:

Public school boards

Public school boards (as defined in the regulation) that provide transportation services for students must provide integrated accessible school transportation services.

If that is not possible, or if it is not the best option for a student because of the nature of his or her disability or safety concerns, then the school board must provide appropriate alternative accessible transportation services.

Public school boards must also develop individual school transportation plans for each student with a disability.

Hospitals, colleges, and universities

When requested, hospitals, colleges, and universities that provide transportation services, such as shuttle buses, must provide accessible vehicles or equivalent services.


Operators of ferries (as defined in the regulation) must meet specific requirements found under the Transportation Standard, as well as under the federal "Ferry Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities" Code of Practice.

Compliance dates range from July 1, 2011 to January 1, 2014. For more information on the specific requirements and dates for compliance, refer to the timelines tool for details.

A quick reference chart providing the deadlines for meeting the requirements of the regulation based on organizational class and size. Can be viewed in the Additional Training Resources section of the AccessForward website.
Integrated transportation means that all students, including students with disabilities, travel on the same school transportation vehicles.