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Devices Offered by Your Organization

If your organization offers equipment or devices that can help customers with disabilities access your services, make sure you know how to use them. It may be helpful to have instruction manuals handy or an instruction sheet posted where the device is located or stored.

Some examples of devices that your organization might offer include:

  • mobility devices, such as a manual wheelchair or motorized scooter.
  • lift, which raises or lowers people who use mobility devices.
  • technology that makes it easier for people with disabilities to communicate or access information, such as certain computer software, an amplification system or a TTY phone line.
  • adjustable desk or workstation, which changes the height or tilt of a writing surface.
  • accessible interactive kiosk, which might offer information or services in braille or through audio headsets.
A device that allows users to send typed messages across phone lines. TTY (teletypewriter) users can directly call other TTY numbers or they can place a call through a relay service operator to communicate with someone who uses a standard phone. A standard phone user can also place a call through a relay service operator to a TTY user. opens in a new window