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If There Are Difficulties Accessing Your Goods, Services or Facilities

If you notice that your customer is having difficulty accessing your goods, services or facilities, a good starting point is to ask “How can I help you?”

Refers to rooms or spaces used to provide a service, such as a stadium or banquet hall. It does not refer to the physical structure of a building.opens in a new window

Often, there are simple solutions. For example,

Your customer uses a wheelchair and cannot enter your shop because of a step at the front door.

You could offer to serve the customer at the door, at another more convenient location, by phone, or by delivery to their home. You might also consider low-cost solutions such as a portable ramp that can be set out at your shop entrance on request and if suitable to the situation.

Your customer with hearing loss has a question.

Ask the customer in writing if using a pen and paper to communicate would be a good way to serve him. Remember, if you’re discussing confidential information, offer to return the notes to the customer or to destroy them.

Your customer can’t reach some of your products because the displays or shelves are too high to reach from their scooter.

Offer to bring the products to the customer.

The menu cannot be read by a customer with low vision or a learning disability.

Offer to read the menu out loud, or post the menu online so they can access it beforehand.

Your customer has a mental health disability that makes it difficult for her to be in crowded spaces with other people. She explains her disability-related needs when she enters your reception area.

Offer her a place to wait her turn for service in an area apart from other customers.

Your organization doesn’t have automatic door openers.

Be prepared to help open the door.

Your customers are your best source for information about their needs. Being flexible and open to suggestions will help to create a good customer experience. A solution can be simple and the customer will likely appreciate your attention and consideration.